Doom and Gloom

The past couple of days have been on the “blah” side.  I know that isn’t really a descriptive term but it’s the only way to really give you the general feel of how things are going.  It’s been raining for the past four days (on and off) and it’s beginning to take it’s toll on just about everyone.  It’s hard to want to stay awake when there’s no sun shine to keep your attention, you know?  Sure, I’ve done A LOT of cleaning over the course of the last couple of days but that still doesn’t balance out the lack of time I’ve been able to spend outside because of all the wind and the rain.  Thankfully the system will be moving out of the area for a couple of days but there’s another one behind it.  I guess the saying is true  – April showers bring May flowers.  If it were nice enough to actually get outside and plant something I would, hence my problem!

I can’t wait until the sun pops out, I really can’t.  I’ve been waiting on it for quite a few days, and I think even Bella has been effected by it, she hasn’t spent much time outside either and she just looks so bored.  Her schedule is way off, she seems so unhappy.  She just sits in the window and mopes around – I hate that.  I wish I had some kind of a cover for her so I could actually bring her outside and her not get sick from the wind and the rain.  Heck, I think she’d be content if we just had a screened in porch or something, honestly.

Oh well, the sun will shine soon enough….right?

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