ColdFusion: Validation

I was poking around the Internet in search of more programming techniques using validation and I was side-tracked by a very well written article about programming in cold fusion. This wasn’t exactly what I was looking for because I was thinking more of th XHTML/CSS aspect of things but when it comes to a field where I’ll eventually stick my nose in – it’s worth the effort to at least do some reading about it. The point of the article was the importance of programming with required fields that have a validation option in the background. The only thing I didn’t like about the article was the lack of proper HTML validation but they’re programmers, not designers so of course the way of going about things is going to be a little different. Unless programmers are learning to care about how the front-end of their scripts look – it’s rare that you’ll find one that will be a completely valid form. From my experience, a lot of programmers outsource their completed script to have someone go through the outputs with a fine-tooth comb to make it valid and cross browser compatible.

It’s a pretty good start-guide if you’re getting into ColdFusion, I’d recommend that you bookmark the article to use as a future reference. While it’s not the authors fault, I will admit that it was a little hard to read. The text was a little too small and it was mashed right next to the Google Ad on the page. Once you can get past that it’s a pretty basic break down of something very important when it comes to all aspects of Programming. IE: Making sure you’re only going to get VALID information from the person filling out the form.


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