Busy Bee

I know I’ve been slacking off here, but when you’re bogged down with multiple clients and finally beginning to get somewhere with your business – the blogging aspect of things really doesn’t matter too much.  Well, it’s not that it doesn’t matter but it certainly doesn’t take first priority either.  I do like having an emotional outlet but lately I’ve put that into my private journal.  Which any tech-nerd would despise because it’s hand written.  It’s not based on some funky blog script heh.

My new contract position is working out pretty nicely.  It’s given me the ability to expand beyond the weblog template world so I can prove that I do actually know a thing or two about graphics design.  It feels as though something has shifted and the dark cloud hovering over me has now made it’s way out of town.

Even though I’ve been pulling 12 hour days, I still have the time (and the energy) to get all of my work done both online and offline.  I can still keep up on my daily routine (chores – so to speak) and I’ve spent quite a bit of time down on the beach to keep feeding my inspiration.  I also use this as my time to exercise.  So yes, I’ve not only kept myself busy but I’ve kept myself on my diet as well.  Isn’t that just fantastic?


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