Up and Running!

It took a bit longer than anticipated but I’ve finally completed the new template.  I do still have a few content-based sections to get up and running (featured articles and free templates) but that’s going to take some time when it comes to finding the right plugin and continuing things by going through my template archives and figuring out which ones I really want to have displayed in the free section.

My job interview yesterday seemed to go well.  I’ll know more information about it soon.  I really hope I get the job, I like the environment and I really just can’t afford to not work right now.  Even with Google giving me my PR back (well…half of it) I still can’t bring in enough money to pay off my loans.  I also really want to move and get my own car because Sean’s is on the verge of death.  It’s just taking a while.  Maybe I’ll hear something on Monday though, we’ll see. :: crosses fingers ::


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