The joy of allergies

I just finished cleaning up the kitchen. We had company this past week and with all of the chaos going on around me, it was kind of hard to focus on keeping cleaning up to par. I also managed to get some much-needed dusting accomplished. The bedroom has gone for about a week and a half without being dusted, I very happily soaked a rag in some warm water, rang it out and proceeded to get rid of all the crap that’s making Sean sick. He has an allergy to it and I try to keep the bedroom as dust free as possible, mainly because you’re more susceptible to things while you’re asleep and breathing in airborne dust for 8 hours a night certainly isn’t going to make things any easier on you.

It’s my goal to do a little shifting around in the room. I really want wash the walls down. I made it a point to rub things down around the bed but there’s still a ceiling and carpet to think about. Thank God for the Dyson, that really cuts down on the dust in the room while I’m vacuuming. The beauty part of a Dyson is it doesn’t expel the dust back into the air. The problem is it’s a bag-less vacuum so when you do happen to dump the collection bin you wind up with dirt all over the place. This is why I have it down to a science, if you’re looking to empty the bin you bring it outside, to the back of the house, and dump it there. This way it goes on the grass that no one every steps foot on and there’s no chance that it will wind up back in the house either.


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