I’ve recently joined, you can view my profile by going to It’s my hope to be able to get all of my favorite entry bookmarks in order, and even have the ability to see who else favors them as well.  Another reason is for networking, if I can find sites with a common interest I may have a little more to do during the day.  I’ve had to create another email address just to handle all of my networking sites, from blogcatalog & twitter to bumpzee and mybloglog and numerous other ones I’m receiving so many messages during the day about joining communities and new friends that it’s becoming overwhelming.  Hopefully this is the right route to take to get things back up to where this domain used to be.  I’m active in numerous communities, I’m commenting on many new sites that I was able to find through these network sites and I even have a few potential clients lined up who are interested in my work – just from my profiles on these networks.

If you aren’t involved in any of these networks, I have to say that you’re missing out on something pretty amazing.  Get yourself involved – you won’t be sorry.


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