Staying on top of things with a free credit report.

So I’ve been a little busy over the past few days, I’ve been going through a lot of resources in relation to getting myself a new car. The Baretta that I’m currently driving is Sean’s car and considering it’s a ’95, there are many issues with it and I’m confident that the car won’t last much longer. My only dilemma at the moment is the fact that I’m currently paying off a personal loan that’s costing me about $200 a month, hosting is costing me about $100 (out of pocket due to client loss) and my credit card will run about $50 a month depending on how often I use it. I rarely do because there’s only a $500 limit on it at the moment but I’m confident that with maintaining my payments in a timely manor that I’ll be able to get that up to about $2,000. Even though I’ve been very good at creating credit for myself, I’m still checking in on my Free Credit Report so that I can make sure I’m doing everything properly.

I’d like to find out some more information as far as auto loans are concerned, I’m sure that if I can get myself to where I can maybe refinance my current loan with HSBC, maybe I can get that extra $8,000 that I need for the car that I so desperately want. The sites I float through do help me out but a lot of them house more information on where you can Compare Credit Cards and read about Secured Credit Cards. I consider myself lucky whenever I find something about Auto Loans. I know that they’re pretty high interest though, maybe I’ll get lucky and a big job will come in. I’m still crossing my fingers with it, I’ll tell you that much.


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