Starting up a store…

With the recent page rank drops, I’ve been looking into alternative forms of making money online. It’s not that I’m a one-trick pony and only depend on the Internet when it comes to some form of employment, I just know that no matter what I end up doing in life – a computer will be involved. Considering, of course, that they’ve taken over the world – you know?

I’m to a point now where I’m considering joining a program that you sell products for like 75% above cost and you keep the difference, my problem is the lack of ability to really sit down and focus on getting a program setup for me so I can just add as I go. Sure, I could just install something through cPanel and while I do know E-commerce, it’s a pain to have to do all of that. So why not go through a company that will setup everything you need in shopping cart software for you? So I went back in my search archives and I came across AShop, I’m sure I’ve mentioned them in the past but now I’m really considering using their services when I get myself signed up with a drop shipping company. Sure, there’s a lot of work involved but with the right advertising and a strong belief in myself, I’m confident that I could run a very successful business selling the cute trinkets that I’ve always loved to pick up over the years. Everything from glass figures to electronics and other goodies. I’d try to list as much as I possibly can for the best prices and cross my fingers that things actually worked out well for me.

I was thinking of starting on eBay first, setting up a store there. Then I’d go to the extreme of running my own. I’ve been running my own business for years but I never sold a product, I was selling a service (web design). This would be a whole new field for me to play around in and I think that there’s the chance of doing quite well with it.



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