Spring Clean Up!

I just spent the last half hour going through the server removing quite a few accounts.  Some haven’t made payments, other’s expired and a few changed DNS information to new hosting.  In total I think about 300 accounts were removed, which is now bringing me to the conclusion of downgrading the servers.  I’m going to completely get rid of one and of the smallest account-count left, I’ll filter them out to the other ones.  It’ll save me a few hundred dollars a month that I don’t currently have.  It’d be easier to just add a terebyte of bandwidth to another server and push the domains in that direction.  It’d also be a lot cheaper.

I’m also in the process of searching for a new data center, I really can’t stand the one I’m hosted with now and I believe I’ll be able to find a cheaper route with more resources, which will give me the ability to offer more resources to both new and existing clients.  I’ll even admit that 50MB of disk space and 1GB of bandwidth for $20/yr. is a little on the low side.  However, I also believe that spending $8 a month on 500GB of Disk Space and 10TB of bandwidth is a little absurd.  Who would seriously offer up a hard-drives amount of space for $8 if they know for sure that you’re not actually going to use those resources?  I’ve heard instances of people getting up to say 20GB of disk space and then mysteriously having their account suspended because they’ve done SOMETHING illegal.  It usually has nothing to do with you, but you’re at a loss either way.

So yea, if you’re looking for hosting that isn’t being over-sold then head on over to AGn Solutions.  If you want to spend more money on resources you’re never going to use, then please – by all means – take a gander at some of the other companies out there.  They may get rave-reviews but test them out by uploading 30GB of files and see what happens to your account.


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