Slowly but surely…

I’m coming pretty close to completing the template I’ve been working on.  I still need to get all of the content pages worked in, so that may take me some time.  I’m down-sizing a lot of things so I can weed out all of the boring old-school work and I’m leaving tons of room for all of the newer style templates that seem to be making an imprint on people lately.  The blog template itself will still look like a standard blog page, of course, it’s just going to be so technical looking that you’ll think you’re sitting on and not some wimpy blog.

I’m looking to join a few blogrolls and some other sites to get my name out there a little more.  At it’s prime this domain averaged 5,000 hits a day and now it’s down to a very low 1,200.  While some people still don’t reach that number, I know that there’s a lot more that I could be doing to get myself back up to where I used to be.  It’s certainly a goal of mine, it’s just going to take a little bit of time – that’s all.


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