Skincare Help

While this doesn’t exactly fall under technology or business for that matter, I do find skin care to be an important thing.

I battled acne when I was younger and thankfully I grew out of it. While I don’t break out very often, I do have trouble finding the right moisturizers because of very dry skin. For a while now I’ve been using Clean & Clear but that leaves my face feeling even more dry than before I put it on, I found that when the lotion dries it leaves me flaky and that’s just something I can’t stand when I’m trying to get my makeup on. It’s not even dry skin at that point, it’s literally the lotion flaking off of my face and I hate it. So I’ve been poking around the Internet in search for natural skin moisturizers that don’t leave me feeling dry afterwards. I did come across a few listings but nothing has really held my attention yet. Hopefully I’ll find something that also has an SPF considering summer is just around the corner and I plan on being outside quite often to enjoy the sunshine. I’m determined to get a real tan this year, not just the bronze glow I had last year.


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