Sitting Around

I’m basically sitting around for the next hour and waiting until Nip/Tuck comes on.  There isn’t much on TV so I’ve kind of left it on BBC America and I’m watching “Last Restaurant Standing” it kind of sucks but there’s really nothing else to do.  I’m waiting on numerous emails to come back to me with job information and what not.  I do hope to get something big, but who knows what’s going to happen.

It’s a little chaotic in the house but that’s because we’ve got guests this week.  It was nice and quiet and now with the wind picking up outside and all of the doors opening and closing in the house my door keeps wiggling around and won’t freaking stop.  Hopefully it all calms down before Nip/Tuck or I’m going to have to blast the television for an hour.  Oh shit, I just realized Nip/Tuck isn’t even going to be ON tonight, the final episode of the season (thanks to the stupid writers strike) was a few weeks ago.  UGH!


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