Rain + Wind = UGH!

The wind may still be here but the rain has definitely gone away.  This doesn’t mean it’s not still chaotic outside.  Since there isn’t proper drainage in this complex, everyone’s driveways are completely flooded.  I’m happy that I didn’t have to go out today, I probably couldn’t even make it to the car considering all of the rain.  I know that with the way the driveway is pitched, my muffler is probably full of water but since things are starting to subside I guess it doesn’t matter too much.  The Baretta is really low to the ground, so sitting in a puddle isn’t the best thing for it.

We’ve been dealing a lot of heavy winds though, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gone outside to fix the porch.  Chairs flying around, the broom took off and the shelf we have out there with some plants fell over a few times.  Thank god there weren’t any plans on it but it was kind of shoved into a corner and there’s no “solid” side to it for it to be able to catch any wind so I’m surprised it went over, but it’s definitely possible to see what 60 MPH wind can do to even the wide-open aspects of the outdoors.

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