Productive Day

I’ve been pretty busy today.  I woke up and vacuumed in anticipation for house guests tonight, I found out that it’s been delayed an extra day so either way everything is nice and clean.  I floated around the house throwing out all of the garbage and straightening up.  I made dinner for Sean and I, I managed to get the yard straightened up a bit so I can head out there this weekend and get started on the Spring cleaning.  The shed we have was on the wrong side of the house so we moved it over to the other side, the same thing with the BBQ.  I don’t like standing on a grassy hill when I’m trying to cook.  I can’t tell you how many hot dogs I’ve lost thanks to the slope.  So now it’s closer to the drive way and I can roll things out when I need to.

I had the windows open all day today, it was such a gorgeous day I couldn’t stop myself from doing it.  Once the sun went down it got a little chilly so I went to close things down and realized the windows were filthy.  I pulled out the Windex and took care of that pretty quickly.  Now I’m relaxing and hoping to get some work done, this should be fun…. :sigh:


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