Poor Thing

For the past week I’ve been treating a double ear infection with Bella.  The right ear seems to be healing pretty well but unfortunately the left ear isn’t making any progress.  The progress it IS making, is on the line of getting worse.  I don’t know why the medication is working in one ear and not the other but I really wish that I could figure something out.  There are two different kinds of medication to choose from, the one the doctor prescribed for her, and the one that was prescribed for another dog in the house.  At this point, with no progress in the left ear, I’m considering using the other medication.  She could have an allergy to the one she’s currently using now, but if that were the case then the other ear wouldn’t be healing.

It doesn’t help that she’s scratching at her ear either, no matter how much gunk I clean out of her ears she’s still got globs of nasty things coming out no matter how many times a day I clean her ears.  A few moments ago it was the second time today that I went into her ears to clean them, it’s about the 14th time in the course of the last week that it’s been done.  When you look at the q-tip, you would assume right off the bat that I hadn’t done anything for her in months.  It’s truly not the case, it’s just a nasty infection that shows no sign of lightening up anytime soon.

It’s really getting hard to deal with and I only hope that something begins to work so that I can avoid a $1,000 vet bill for all kinds of infection-removing procedures that the vet would charge me for.


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