So I managed to get back on AIM and by the time that actually happened the person I needed to talk to signed off.  I’m not going anywhere though, I’m sure they’ll come back soon enough.

I’ve put in about $35,000 worth of bids on numerous freelance websites, maybe I’ll get lucky enough so that a few of them stick and it gives me the $10,000 I need for my new car.  I’ve decided upon an ’05 Chevy Cobalt, I found one in Jersey for about $9,000 but I figure after taxes and then the insurance payment, the $10k will be just enough to get everything I need.

:: crosses fingers ::

My other domain is still down and namecheap is giving me the run-around since I don’t host the domain with their hosting services.  However, every other .nu address that wasn’t registered directly with nunames is down and since I didn’t register with them they bounced my back to namecheap.  This is something that’s happened before, I’m just a little annoyed that it happens every six months or so.


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