Need a career?

Have you ever heard of Computer Forensics? I find it to be the coolest thing! There are companies around the US that work with law enforcement to crack cases. If someone is doing something illegal like downloading child porn or harassing people, then it can all easily be tracked on the back end of your computer. You can run clean-out programs all you want but once a file has been on the hard drive it’s information stays there for life. I came across DataChasers, they specialize in this stuff and have a pretty impressive resume to back it up as far as case history is concerned. CEO’s and regular boring-old men have felt their wrath.

So I was reading more into what’s involved if you’re interested in going into the computer forensic field. I have to say that there isn’t a standard computer science degree in the world that would hold a candle to what this can accomplish. For many years I’ve wanted to have some involvement with criminal justice but I never saw the need to be a lawyer or an officer. It’s too time consuming for me, I like to be in the background. At the same time, however, I’ve always wanted to do something with computers and still make a difference. So what’s the option? Figure out how to get myself involved in computer forensics – heh.


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