Quite some time ago I signed up for a website named Meebo. This site gives you the ability to log into quite a few different chat names – AIM, MSN, Yahoo!, ICQ, Google Talk and Jabber – at the same time. I came across my account with them when I was attempting to find a Firefox add-on dedicated to MyBlogLog and BlogCatalog – it’s kind of annoying having to log into the site manually and with all of the Firefox add-ons out there, you would assume there would be something. FYI: There isn’t at this point in time.

So, why do I enjoy Meebo? When you’re looking to get online without having to download a program – Meebo is the route for you. I know quite a few people who use this program while they’re at work. It gives users the abilities to talk to their friends and family without having to worry about their computer showing an “illegal chat program” so to speak. As far as your network administrator is concerned, minus the possible required keystrokes, you can get away with using this program in secrecy.

Another plus? If you’re using a public computer at a library or even at school for that matter. If you absolutely have to get on a chat program but are unable to download anything, this is the route to take. I remember that in high school you weren’t allowed to use AIM/Yahoo and many other programs while in school. I found it absurd that you had to spend 45 minutes doing absolutely nothing on your free periods. Now, I know this program wasn’t available when I was in High School, but I know other variations of it were. This isn’t the first website to do this but I honestly can not remember the other ones for the life of me.

Based on how easily you can customize this program, everything from color schemes to fonts, it really does give you the functionality that many people look for. I’m lucky to have found my login, now I know that no matter where my career takes me and no matter what computer I wind up having to work on – I’ll still be able to have some contact to the outside world – via Internet of course.

A plus for this program is it’s security. All passwords are encrypted so even with the chance of the site’s database being hacked – your passwords are safe so that you don’t have to worry about losing your screen name. I know that would bother me considering I’ve been using the same AIM address for about 10 years now. I’d hate to have to give it up, so that’s a HUGE plus for me.

I know other bloggers have used this program before, when I signed into my account I noticed that three of my frequent chat buddies was actually using the same program. So of course I’m not alone when I say that this was a great attribute to the Internet IM’s world.

FYI: If you’re only interested in testing out the program, you can go to and log into your chat address without creating an account.  It’s a “try before you buy” kind of option.  This is a completely free service, don’t take “buy” seriously.  It’s merely an expression.


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