Marketing Strategies

Business Promotional ItemsI got pretty lucky today. As you know I’m looking to promote my business with something a little more unique than handing out business cards to anyone who’ll take them. I found a company called, they specialize in Business Promotional Items. You can pick up anything you could possibly imagine to publicize your business and it’s not going to cost you thousands of dollars in bill-board advertising either. I was able to poke through everything from Apparel to Travel Accessories. I focused more on notepads and pens because that really does make the difference. Everyone can use a pen, you know?

I was also looking into hats. Sean is always wearing a hat, why not plaster my company all over it to give him the option of advertising for me? I’m even thinking of printing up some shirts and wearing those around, especially this summer when tourists are down here in full force.

Taking the TShirt option is going to cost a little bit more, the shirts I’d pick up are in the $7 range and I could easily head down to the arts & crafts store to pick up shirts that are $2 a piece. This, however, requires me printing my own logos and ironing them on. While it may seem time consuming it has given me quite a few ideas on how to market myself. There’s nothing wrong with handing things out for free, but you have to be sure that you’re going to get something out of it in return to at least break even – you know?


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