Looking into a Printing Service

With recent Google issues I’ve found myself looking into other means to get my name out there to bring in some more money to replace what I’ve lost through blogging. While it’s a substantial amount of money, I’m naturally looking into more extreme methods. Sure, I can throw a few of my business cards up onto any tack-board I find but that doesn’t always bring in the best results. Business cards are a great route to take but I’ve actually been looking into Printing Services.

Now, I design everything from business logo’s to brochures. I finally had a light-bulb moment when I realized that I could start doing this for myself and maybe get it to take off. Unfortunately I don’t have a lot of money to spend, thanks to Google of course, so I’ve looked into more inexpensive routes like Cheap Brochure Printing. Some of the previous companies that I’ve looked into are charging up to $10 per unit. Now, if I want 100 units printed up that means I’m going to have to spend $1,000 that I just do not have right now. But looking into this particular Brochure Printing company, wholesaleprintingdirect.com, I was able to find that a very colorful z-fold set of 250 is only going to cost me $322. Now, this is an 8.5×11 print-out with up to 4 colors, not many people are going to go that extreme but at least I know they’re charging me by the bulk and not by the unit.

The cool thing is you aren’t limited to Brochures with this company, they also offer Newsletters, Posters, Business Cards, Postcards, Door hangers, Catalogs, Folders and even Stationary. I have to say that I’ll definitely consider using this company when I get around to finishing up with the files.


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