Just getting started…

I’m really behind today but that’s based on how late I went to sleep last night (about 5am).  I woke up around 1:30 and while I would typically take a shower as soon as I get up, I was just too cold this afternoon to get around to it.  During the week I have a block of shows that I watch and then around 5 I can get back around to the real-life end of things.  So right now I’m almost 2 hours into the shows, and I’ve gotten a lot of work done as well.  I multi-task with the shows on in the background, it’s not like I’m vegging out on the couch or anything.

So I’ll get through my series of British shows and then hop in the shower, bolt out the door and get my day started.  I want to head down to the beauty shop and pick up a proper lightening kit for Sean, he tries to do things himself so his hair is beyond messed up.  From there I’ll swing into Hallmark and find out if they’ve looked into my application yet.  After that it’s a quick stop into the supermarket to pick up some buns and then I’ll come back here and get dinner on the grill.  I insist upon barbecuing tonight.  I know it’s a little chilly but I really am craving a burger and I don’t like the idea of putting it on the electric griddle in the kitchen.  Everything in this house is powered by electric and I have to say it tastes horrible when you’re trying to cook something that really needs some kind of fire behind it, you know?


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