I start on Tuesday.

I woke up pretty early today. I had a job interview at 11:30, it went pretty well – I got the job. It’s a retail position at a local supply store. I do hope to be there for a while, it seems like a really cool environment. I’m not making the kind of money that I’m used to making but considering the loss with Google and all of the other Internet factors, the extra $1,000 a month I’ll be making from this place will more than likely balance things out (I’m sure).

I’m also hoping to hear from a few other companies. They would be online based jobs that I can work with on my own time. I do hope to land a few big freelance positions over the course of the next couple of weeks. I know a lot of places are looking for seasonal workers, maybe the summer season will turn out to be a good one for me. Who knows.

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