Hopefully soon.

I’m waiting for UPS to get here. Sean’s aunt ordered a computer this past weekend and to save on shipping and taxes she had it sent down here. She’ll be here tomorrow evening anyway so it kind of made sense to do it that way anyway. I was a bit surprised by the purchase, she ordered it from Costco and was able to pick up a 17″ HP Laptop for $599. When you factor in your Costco membership, the two-day only sale and other key factors, you have to admit that it was a bit of a steal. For me, however, I’ve also been poking around. I do enjoy the HP brands, they’re the only ones whom have really worked for me over the course of the last couple years, laptop wise. I went looking around their website and came across the HP dv6700t. It’s a 15.4″ screen with 2GB ddr2 and 160gb hard drive. The kicker for me is the fact that it’s an Intel Dual Core, this is exactly what I needed in order to get Mac OS X Leopard installed on it.

You’re still probably wondering why I would go out and buy a $600 laptop when I can just spend $1800 on the actual Macbook Pro but if there’s a way to spend less money and still get exactly what I want, what’s the problem? It’s basically the same laptop that I currently own, only there’s Intel and not AMD as far as processors go. I wish that I’d chosen Intel a few years ago when I got this laptop, but I insisted that AMD would be all I need, this was before I started to focus my efforts into a Mac, of course.

Either way I’ve bookmarked the page and I hope to be able to purchase it sometime in the near future.


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