Gateway – T2330 Laptop

I’m still looking around for an Intel based PC that’s going to give me the ability to install the Mac OSX. I know it may be easier to just go out and purchase a $2200 Macbook Pro but why would I want to spend that kind of money when I can get the same statistics in a $600 windows based laptop?

So the one I found was an Intel Pentium Dual-Core, 15.4″ screen, 2GB Ram, 160 GB hard drive, 128 Graphics, and 4 USB ports. Considering my main concern is the Intel processor and at least 2GB of ram. I figure I’ll be able to run OS X Leopard with no problems at all. I have the installation disk for it, it came with the iMac, I just don’t want to upgrade from OS X Tiger yet – that’s all. That’s a day long process.

So in order to pick up this particular computer I’m going to need to bank about $550. I found it on, it’s a Gateway and while I know they aren’t the BEST systems, you get what you pay for and I’m only willing to spend $700 at the absolute most on a system. I could go crazy and pick up one of the HP models but they only have Athlon and I’m not going to be able to run anything on it so why even bother – you know?


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