Feeling that itch…

I love going to casinos. I think it is because the first time I went I won over $6000 and was able to buy everyone really nice Christmas gifts that year. I just wish I could get up to Atlantic City more often. It isn’t so much about the actual casino than it is about the gambling and the possibility of winning big. I’d really enjoy it if I could go to an online casino, but I can’t due to where I live. Online casinos have all the traditional casino games so it would be just like sitting in a real casino, but without all the noise. Everytime I go I hear bells for a week, it is really annoying.

Eventually I would like to take Sean and go to Vegas. There’s a lot to do in Vegas besides gambling, and I think Sean would have a blast (he doesn’t like loosing money), but I would mainly go to hang out in a Vegas casino. I have been intrigued by it ever since I saw Vegas Vacation and they won all those cars. Maybe I would be able to win a car.


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