Don’t answer the phone!

For the past few hours a few different phone numbers have been calling the house. Originally I thought it was merely a prank but supposedly I’m not the only one receiving these phone calls. If you see any of the numbers show up on your caller ID, please be sure to avoid answering the phone. These numbers have been widely known for calling up to 15 times per day, and based on a few of the threads I’ve found in regards to it, a lot of people are effected by it. I’m going to log into comcast in a few moments and block these numbers from calling. If you’re looking for more information, please head over to and read a bit more about it. They never say why they’re calling, you’re lucky if someone even responds to your saying “Hello?”. Just make it a point to block these numbers before they even start calling you.

The numbers are:

Quebec (514) 555-5555
Florida (727) 585-4752
Florida (727) 683-0725
California (408) 731-7348

On my ID the first number didn’t show up as Quebec, it showed up as “Purdy, D”. I have yet to get any calls from the other numbers, but that really doesn’t matter too much right now. I have to say that I can blame Vonage for this because they tend to allow you to have a phone number anywhere you please as long as you pay them, all VoIP phones tend to let you choose what area code you prefer. For all I know these calls could actually be coming from a man up the block.

Either way it’s a good idea to block the numbers, if you have the ability. Get in touch with your telephone provider before it gets to the point of being utterly annoying.

And with that said, guess who’s phone is freaking ringing again?! UGH!


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