Continuing my search…

While continuing my woe’s about money via AIM with a friend of mine, she pointed me in the direction of picking up a payday loan. While I absolutely appreciate her trying to help me out, there’s something she doesn’t realize about payday loans. They require being paid back within one month of accepting the loan and you typically have to have a job on the books for more than six months and previous tax-filings to go with it. Now, while I do have the taxes, I don’t currently have a monthly paycheck, I file all of my taxes from the design and hosting work once a year – which is completely fine. I just don’t think I have the ability to get any of that right now. So I’m looking into more conventional loans. I do think that for quick cash that’s needed within the next 48-hours, taking the route of a Payday Loan could be a good idea, but for what I happen to need right now, it won’t help me very much.

So I’m continuing with my search.  I do hope to have something figured out within the next couple of weeks.  I know exactly what car I’d like to own, I have it bookmarked because I found a dealer and the absolute best price available. I just can’t wait until I’m standing in the lot and can pick it up to own.


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