Cobalt go Bye Bye

I just loaded the bookmark on the car that I’m looking to buy to find out that it’s been sold. It hurts to know that I’m not getting the one I truly wanted but this isn’t going to stop me from earning enough money to go out and buy one. Sean said he saw me more in a black car than a blue one, so now it’s my mission to locate a black Chevy Cobalt and hope to not have to pay through the nose for it. I’m really not looking for anything too extravagant, I just know that for the last few years I’ve always seen myself driving a Cobalt so there’s no question that it’s the one I’m going to put all of my focus into. I won’t get the same awesome deal that I’d already found, but who knows what’s going to be around when I do finally have the money to put towards it. Maybe I’ll just float around on for a little while longer to have the ability to bookmark another potential car – eh?

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