Base Coat

The sun just went down a few moments ago and it’s starting to get a little chilly. This hasn’t caused me to head inside just yet though. I’ve enjoyed spending the bulk of my afternoon in the sun and hopefully I’ve gotten enough sun to start off my tanning season. I try to get the “base coat” in the spring when things aren’t too warm yet, this stops me from burning so easily in the summer. I do plan on spending quite a bit of time down at the beach this summer. I know that it’s tourist central but luckily there are places off of the boardwalk that cater to the locals and not the seasonals. Sure, it’s great money for the town when the extra 200,000 people roll in spending all kinds of money in the shops but that doesn’t mean I want to hang out with them down at the beach after spending three hours looking for a parking space, you know?

There’s a beach about 15 minutes north that’s for residents of the county ONLY and even during the summer there aren’t that many people there. This, of course, makes me pretty happy considering I do love laying out in the sand but I’d prefer to do it without the snobby tourists making all kinds of noise next to me.

I won’t know if I got any kind of color for a little while now but hopefully within the next few weeks of sunny days I can accomplish something more than sending out my resume to any and every company I can find – you know?


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