Bad Credit Loans

For the last few hours I’ve been searching through websites with a focus on bad credit loans. The reason being, I’m broke. I desperately need a car and by no means make enough money at this point in time to really put a large down payment down and hope to finance through the bank. I know exactly how much money I make during the month and I also know how much is going out with bills and other key aspects of things to make ends meet. Naturally adding about $500 a month is going to be difficult but I’m willing to do it. The $500 a month would more than likely be the auto loan plus the car insurance, being as I’m under 25 it’s going to cost me around $120 a month in insurance, now this is will full coverage because an auto loan means there’s a lean on the car, so naturally if I’m in some kind of an accident I want to be completely covered. I think it may also be required with the loan terms, I would have to read more into that.

So the site I came across is They give me a breakdown on just about everything I need and send me to numerous other websites that will help someone with bad credit. Now, I keep saying bad credit as though I’m horrible with bills. It’s not that I have “bad credit” I have little to no credit. While I’ve had a credit card since I was 18, I never really did too much with it. I paid it on time but I also barely used it and paid cash for everything I need, mainly to avoid going into debt. Right now I’m about $9,800 in debt but that’s due to my $8,000 personal loan with over $3,000 interest to pay back. It’s going to take me quite some time to pay them back but I do hope that if job interviews work out well for me in upcoming weeks, I’ll be able to give them double the payments every month and essentially pay the loan off faster. In my head it all works out pretty well, that doesn’t mean it’s how things are actually going to happen – I’ll say that much.

Bad Credit Loans


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