Almost done for the evening….

I think I’ve done about 20 loads of laundry in the past few days. When I went to do my laundry a few days ago, I noticed that the laundry room was overloaded with stuff that just needed to go. So I got all of my stuff done and then I started the daunting task of completely getting the room cleared out. I did accomplish it, but I just threw in the final load of white wash a few moments ago. My reason behind doing it so late is the fact that I’d completely forgotten about it until I went into the room to lock the side door. I was going to barbecue today but the weather wasn’t cooperating so I wound up cooking something else instead. Supposedly it’s going to be like 65° tomorrow and for me that’s extra warm so naturally I’m going to fire up the grill!

So my last house-hold task of the evening will be to lock up all of the windows, bolt the front door, start the dishwasher (we’re completely out of cups and utensils, but house-guests do that to you), and then lay down and just crash. Boy that pillow is looking very, very nice right now. A nice big fluffy bed to fall into – goodness.


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