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I’ve been looking into numerous different ways to get my name out there for more business. Sure, I can drop off a stack of business cards at the supermarkets but who honestly pays attention to them? I need something with a bit more – creativity. I’ve noticed a trend in people paying more attention to large Signs instead of the small little cards. Maybe it looks like you can afford to put more into your business, maybe it’s that the population is slowly losing their eye-sight and small cards just aren’t seen. Either way there’s a big rise in car magnets and other decals that have really taken the world over by storm. Sean is looking to create one for his domain and put it on the back window of his car. I, using his car, don’t have this ability just yet. But if I’m lucky enough to where I can actually get my own car you can be sure that I’ll have my business plastered all over it. I’ll get a bumper sticker that says something funky and links to my site and I’ll have written across the back window for the ultimate exposure. Let’s just hope it all works out that way.

The joy of being broke, let me tell ya!

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