A rise in answering services

A design company that I used to work for is now depending upon Answering Services so they can outsource their support staff. The issue I have is the loss of a job but at the same time, I can understand their reasoning behind this. If you’re only paid for a 9-5, naturally after 5 rolls around SOMEONE needs to be able to answer the phone and up until recently they were dealing with phone calls at 2am to their personal cellphones. They being Administration. So the best option is to consider looking into an Answering Service that automatically picks up after 5pm. This is the way that HP and other companies do it, for those of us calling these services – we’re put at a loss because typically it’s very hard to understand “Kelly” because she was born, raised and is still living in a country where English is the THIRD language, let alone the second one. So while I believe it’s great to have support, I wonder why American’s are no longer willing to work past 5pm. Do you really have something so important going on with your life? If you’re single without children and insist that drinking at night is more important then you’re a waste to humanity anyway – but that’s just my take on it.


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