When will things pick up?

It’s my hope to find a job with a reputable company down here, it’s not just about the money because even though things are tight this month, Sean and I do make a decent income to be able to support ourselves. The bank, however, doesn’t see it that way. Since we’re stay-at-home workers we’re considered a “risk” and they won’t approve us for anything, even with taxes being filed on time every year.

We’re working on two different things right now, a loan to buy a car and pay off the first loan (refinance) and then a mortgage somewhere down the line so we can get out of here and get our own place. We wanted to rent first but with Bella and our desire to just have things the way we want them, we’d be better off just getting our own place on our own land. You know?

Unfortunately my Google searches for more information haven’t helped me very much, I type in Delaware but find links for sites like Idaho mortgage refinance and Utah mortgage loan. This doesn’t mean that their main site (strategic-refinance.com) didn’t help me out, but I’m not really looking to refinance, I’m looking to just have a big chunk of change fall into my lap so that I can get myself out of debt and buy a car and maybe even put a down payment on a house sometime over the course of the next year. I don’t know how well things are going to go when Sean finally gets to launch the site he’s been working on for the last two years, but I do hope that his income and mine both at least double over the course of the next few months or I really don’t know what we’re going to do.


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