What’s up with that?

The weather’s been kind of strange lately. Yesterday was extremely freaky. It started as a typical cold sunny day and then all kinds of cloud formations came through and it rained for a few moments, the sun came out and then while the sun was still shining across the street a cloud came by and dropped a quick but fearce snowfall on this side of the street. It didn’t stick, or even last that long but it was still pretty strange. Then the ground shook but I’m unsure of whether it was a mini-quake or just a truck dumping a heavy load somewhere in a 300 ft radius from the house. Either way it had me on edge, but my stomach and everything else on me has been feeling pretty “blah” lately, so naturally I’m sure that had something to do with it.

Today it’s just a bitter cold with a lot of wind. I know tomorrow isn’t going to be much better but that’s OK, life still needs to move on – right?

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