The search continues…

After a few missed emails, and one finally getting a response I’m unhappy to say that I wasn’t accepted to one of the companies down here that I was truly hoping to work with.  There are a few other options but they really aren’t what I’d like to do, so instead I’m just going to stick with a retail job in the area so I can get my own car and then worry about traveling to other towns for design positions that are out there.  The second option for me, besides retail, was a company about 10 minutes from here looking for an ebay lister, but that’s really BORING work for me so there’s no real point in it.

Either way I’m waiting until about 3:30 to call back a manager at a market down here.  With my background and experience that’s a downfall for me to go back to a cashiers position but when there’s no other work in the general area, then I really have no choice.


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