The Real Estate Experiment

Sean’s aunt came down to visit last week and she’s coming back down this weekend because she’s on a mission. She’s having trouble holding onto her house in New York (as many people nation wide currently are), so she’s looking to purchase a house down here to hopefully escape the extravagant cost of living in New York. There have also been quite a few other topics that have come up during the term of her search. While she’s dead-set on moving to Delaware, Sean and I have also been thinking about other options for her, a big list of every-possible place out there: San Francisco Real Estate, Houston Real Estate, Austin Real Estate and lord knows what else. We’re only this imaginative because we’re looking into our own affordable options. I can’t tell you how many applications and resumes I’ve submitted over the course of the last few days. I just hope that my interview tomorrow at least gets me in the door to work for some place decent. It’s a retail position but any money is good money at this point in time.

Okay, so as I noted in the title – there is an experiment going on.  How much money could two 23 year-olds make working odd and end jobs for numerous different people?  At the same time the need for $1000 a month to just pay the bills takes a chunk out of any and all earnings available.  But say you do reach your goals.  Where would you finally hang your hat?  Would you stay in the same town you currently live in because you like the environment, or do you move out of state to start your life with the one you love and no outside influence?


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