MarsEdit Issues.

Unfortunately MarsEdit isn’t going to work out too well for me anymore. Adding a tag to the .htaccess gave me the ability to access the xmlrpc.php file that’s attached to WordPress so I could update/edit the blog. Unfortunately something went nutty on the server and they disabled me from being able to do it, and then I was dealing with a nasty 500-error ON TOP OF the fact that I couldn’t even BLOG. So I’ve amped up my search for a new company to place my personal sites with. They’re hosted on a reseller with a different company to begin with, but for what I need to do there’s no way in hell I’m going to stick around for the amount of money I’m shelling out in total on a monthly basis. Hopefully I’ll have something moved by the next 24-hours because if that payment goes through for this month an instant refund will be FORCED.


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