Storms a Brewin

I just got back from my interview.  It seemed to go well but I’m not going to look too far into it.  As of right now I’m unsure of whether or not they see my design business as a conflict of interest.  I can understand their concern but at the same time, anyone who knows me knows that I put 100% into everything I do and considering this would be a full-time position I will more than likely completely walk away from freelancing.  Right now it’s repeat clients and it’s never really anything “big” it’s simple updates like uploading a new profile image or updating an email address.  There’s really nothing big going on with it, so trying to keep it above water isn’t worth it to me anymore.

After I met with the I.T. guy and filled out my application I headed through the maze (this office is pretty cool) and out the front door to wake Sean up and told him to start driving it’s time to leave.  I wasn’t expecting to be in there for as long as I was but I’m also not sure if that was a good or a bad thing either.  Either way we stopped at Starbucks and the book store next to it and I refueled because my coffee/nicotine buzz from this morning was wearing off.

I took over driving when we left the store and headed down to the beach.  With the way the wind was coming in this afternoon it was no surprise to me that 20ft. waves were crashing along the shore and putting most of the beach under water.  I love seeing sights like that but it’s chilly enough that I couldn’t stay long (no jacket).  And so much for doing my hair today because that frizzed out the second the humidity hit it today.  So much for Biosilk.

Right now it’s pretty windy and according to my Weather Bug with Firefox there’s a Thunderstorm outside.  I don’t really see anything but I also have my iPod on pretty loud so of course that doesn’t help.  Music seems to be the only way I can concentrate lately.


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