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It’s unfortunate but things tend to go missing around here, mainly important paperwork. I’m tempted to go through my archives and send them off to a Document Scanning Service just so I can keep track of them. One company I’ve looked into is RecordNations. Most businesses would view record management as just a cost of doing business. Unfortunately, with the increasing risk of failing to practice proper records management – you can lose your business. By going through RecordNations with their Document Scanning Service you can free up valuable office space and keep all of your important documents in a secure location. You can easily retrieve and use your documents as well. You just need access to the database and from there you can search through your documents with ease. They take your paper copies and turn them into electronic documents. You can search with keywords and if you need a hard copy in your hand for a presentation, taxes, whatever it may be – you can print a hard copy and then shred or recycle it when you’re done. It certainly clears up space for those of us with limited filing. And for those who go through too much paperwork on any given day – it can truly keep your office proficiency at a consecutive high – based only on how easy it is to use their systems.

If you look at it in reference to file size, I’d like to share a direct quote from their website:

Consider just one 80 gigabyte hard drive. It can hold 2.7 million documents and costs only $120. The same storage for paper documents would be 68 4-drawer file cabinets. The cost for one cabinet alone is more than $120.

Now, in this day and age an 80 GB hard drive is much less than $120 but even still…you’d spend much more money on storage cabinets, especially if you have a full 80GB hard drive and need to turn them into 64 4-drawer filing cabinets.


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  1. actually, the best filing cabinets are those that are made of tempered steel because they are very strong ,,

  2. i actually use polycarbonate based file cabinets because they are much ligther than steel cabinets ~

  3. my file cabinets are made of recycled fiber, they are great for holding large file folders .;;

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