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PDAsWhile I’m totally happy with my Razr, I have to say that I’ve been looking into pda phones because of how many emails I’m going through on a daily basis. It’d be nice to have something I can sync up with my iMac and then go from there. I’ve poked around a few different sites and one that sticks out for me is DiscussWireless.com because it’s not your run of the mill “buy now” kind of a site. It’s an informative website that houses a blog and even a forum. They have daily updates and reviews on any and everything cellular. Right now they’re running an ad with a 5% discount for any purchase made at one of their partner sites, puremobile.com. You can find more information on this by going through discusswireless.com/unreleased.html. I personally think it’s worth checking out. I know I’ve got them bookmarked now, maybe they’ll help me decide upon the best PDA to purchase.


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