NY Style in a Delaware tourist attraction?

While living in a tourist town means horrible numbers for business owners in the area, Sean is still trying to convince me that I should start up a restaurant. He knows how much I love to cook and in comparison to the Italian-style eateries in the area I think a touch of New York would be the proper way to do things. I will admit, however, that the water down here has a lot to do with the final outcome of the food. I’ve noticed that my tastes have changed because of the public water, I’ve gradually slipped over to bottled water for just about everything and I’m unsure of how that would go if I did actually start a business down here. I think it would be easier to have hospital grade filters on the sinks than it would be for me to keep a stock of water.

With every good business idea comes the big key factor of MONEY. In order for me to even properly consider doing something like this I’d have to look into some kind of Restaurant Funding. While I’m not too serious about it at this moment in time, I do like to read into things (it’s my attention to detail that could be confused with OCD), and I came across AdvanceRestaurantFinance.com. They’re a licensed finance lender and help you with everything you could need towards getting your business up and running in peak condition.


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