Nothing to watch.

Even with over 400 channels to flip through during my down-time, I’m still wondering what the point is for even paying for half of the ones we have. I wish you could pick and choose your plan, no one needs (or watches) half of the channels given to you with this line-up. Who seriously needs to sit back and watch a “Jewelry” channel where it’s all bobbles, all the time? It makes no sense to me.

I’ve found that I still stick to the standard channels we had before, there’s only one addition at this point. I flip between Lifetime and MPT (local channel). I also float around Comedy Central and Discovery Health quite a bit as well. I’ve added BBC America because of my love of British TV, I just wish there was more British Comedy. I’m sure that’s another channel entirely and I’m going to have to look around for it but for now I’m content with “How Clean is Your house” and “You Are What You Eat”. I have to say that while they aren’t meant to be a ‘comedy’, they certainly amuse the hell out of me.


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