Let’s face facts…

With numerous family health problems, it’s got me looking into what would happen if I happen to pass away earlier than expected. There are a few different options for me but feeling as though I’d last more than 30 years I assume that Term Life Insurance wouldn’t be the route to take. However, when it comes to someone like my aunts, uncles, parents or grandparents I assume that within the next 30 years quite a few of them will have passed on and something like Term Life Insurance would be the route for them to take.

I’ve looked into a few other routes though, naturally a Universal Life or Whole Life policy would be more effective. I do believe I currently have a policy though, my father has one on me that will run about $30,000 if I happen to pass-on due to an accident. I doubt that will be enough to help him cover everything but I’m sure it will take a big chunk out of finalizing things for me. He also has his own policy, I’m not sure how much it costs but I’m confident that it will be cut 50/50 and I’ll have more money the following week than my sister will. She’s cool and all but spends money like she’s got an unlimited supply and I could honestly see two large purchases wiping her account clean, and neither of them would be of any real value either.



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