Job Search…continued

It’s taken a little while for it to really kick in for me but I’m convinced that I’m never going to get that “rejection” notice from the job interview I went on a few weeks ago. Numerous emails to the person I interviewed with have gone unanswered so I’ve just decided to give up and look elsewhere. If it weren’t for Google dropping my ranks, I wouldn’t have this problem. So I’ve been looking into other means and have luckily heard from one of the applications I sent in. It’s a cashiers position at a local supermarket but based on how high the pricing is in this market, and a conversation with one of the current cashiers, it’s decent money – hourly – but the actual work hours during the week are kind of iffy. I’d be considered lucky to find a full-time job down here, but I guess two part-times will balance the bills out in the end.


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