In search of Auto Insurance?

Over the course of the next few months I hope to have enough money to go out and pick up a car from one of the local dealerships. It’s going to be a pretty big deal for me considering I’ve never owned one before. Sure, I’ve used cars when I’ve needed to but I never really sat down and thought “Ok, time for my own”. I’ve decided upon a Chevy and if I could truly afford one of the new Malibu’s then I’d be set. Unfortunately I doubt I’m going to have $25,000 to get the one I truly want but that doesn’t mean I’m not going to keep it as a future goal for myself. As of right now I’ll take either a Cavalier or a Cobolt based on functionality. I really am a Chevy girl, it’s a family trait I guess. I believe that everyone except for my grandmother (buick lady) and my aunt (honda lover) has owned or currently owns a Chevy model car, truck or SUV. So naturally this is where my attention lays.

A big red-flag at the moment isn’t whether or not I’ll be able to afford the car. On the contrary, it’s the car insurance that’s going to be the kicker for me. I’ve been looking through numerous different companies and all of them seem to have a quote that’s completely out of left-field. So in my unhappiness I went to look for outside companies so I could compare prices that weren’t based on “partner sites”. I came across, they offer the ability to search by ZIP code through all insurance available to you.

Unfortunately I was unable to get the quotes that I was looking for. They require you being called by other companies in order to do it. I personally would prefer to do everything online, honestly. They offer you a list of insurance providers in your state though, it’s just a list I’ve already looked through. I was hoping to be able to find something else. While I would recommend the site based on it’s ease of use, I don’t recommend it if you’re looking for a quick quote that doesn’t require your phone ringing off the hook because your number is now in a database of companies looking to grab your attention by calling 10 times a day.


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