Getting Closer

I’m getting pretty close on my final decision towards a new company. I’ve got it narrowed down to only two, and they’re fairly well known. There’s Surpass Hosting, who I’ve heard some mixed reviews on but they’re generally pretty good for what I need. I also remember one of the owners from at least 6 years ago. We used to chat on a regular basis, if he’s still with the company I want to assume that they’re still doing pretty well. The other is Host Gator, again hearing mixed reviews about this company but 90% of the reviews are positive. I am still keeping my options open though. I’m still unsure of the route I’m going to take, whether it be Reseller or Shared I’m still undecided. I’m sure before the day is out I’ll have something figured out and then go from there.

Are any of you with either of these companies? Please let me know what you think of them.


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