Get your hands dirty!

Plumbing Training I’m what one would call a “jack of all trades”. Minus some very heavy lifting, I can pretty much figure out and fix everything on my own. I don’t need to call on a “man” when I need to get things done, so naturally I read into just about everything. If I truly wanted to, I could probably build my own home and only have to worry about the cost of land and supplies, as opposed to the cost of the 30 year mortgage that’s only going to bring me to move in 10 years because my job changed or I just can’t afford anything anymore.

So where did this come from? We’ve had a few pipe issues in the house, mainly the bathroom, with clogs that just seem to come out of no where. With a few extra people in the house you wonder what’s been flushed over the course of the last week to make the toilet overflow out of absolutely no where. Based on the little bit of Plumbing Training I’ve had, I’ve been able to snake the wad of toilet paper out to fix the clog. I do have a strong respect for those in the plumbing field, lord knows very few people are willing to stick their hands down a drain, but at the same time – why spend $150 to have someone come in and do exactly what I did for free? Yes, the initial $15 purchase of a snake did cost me some money but ten-times the amount just to have someone else do it? I don’t think so. If it were a really big issue that I couldn’t fix myself, of course I’d call someone in. But I think simple things like snaking a drain should be categorized under home maintenance – you know?


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