Can’t park? Blame the poor planning!

Anyone who’s ever driven through New York City would understand how horrible of a trip it really is, this is why the public transport does so well. Not only is it convenient, it saves on the precious gas mileage for anyone’s car. But what about those of us who are brave enough to take matters into our own hands and drive in and around every day? This is typically when companies like desmen services comes in handy. This company provides a service that helps countless numbers of people, all over the United States. They are a nationally leading group of specialists in transportation improvements. They started in 1973 and have provided the planning, design and restoration service for over 1,500 parking projects. They’re recognized as a certified Minority-owned Business by many states and they help clients meet and/or exceed affirmative action goals and policies.

Parking in major cities is almost as annoying as driving through them. I’m using NYC as an example only because of my personal experience with it. Finding a spot on the street is close to impossible but getting into some of the poorly designed parking garages (after paying an extremely high fee) is just as annoying. So when you see garages that are designed to be nothing more than 100% efficient, you tend to lean towards them that much more. Spots are easier to get into and navigation around the garage itself is easier as well.

If you’re a business owner looking for a more effective way of controlling every aspect of your employee’s satisfaction, from paycheck to parking, getting in touch with Desman Associates is the way to go.


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