Cable Upgrade

Sean recently upgraded the cable.  Up until a few weeks ago he was spending about $100 a month for Basic Cable and Internet from Comcast.  He was also spending another $30 on Vonage (which sucks horribly).  So he got a mailer about a new triple-play option from Comcast where you have basically everything you could imagine for $130 a month.  So he got rid of Vonage and then signed up for this triple-play and now we have over 400 channels, including the premium ones (HBO/Showtime/Starz – etc) as well as faster cable and a better phone line.

My only complaint?  He’s got two boxes, an HD one for the TV in the office and a standard box for the TV in the living room.  I have an HDTV in the bedroom and with no box I still have basic cable.   So I’m kind of stuck in the living room during the day to watch my shows on a rather blurry TV instead of being comfy in bed with my laptop to get work done.  Maybe he’ll get me a box sometime in the near future while they’re still $7 a month.  If he waits too long I think it’s going to be more like $15. :sigh:


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